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Senecas Pistol Rose 

Date of Birth: 7/1/2016

Coat Color: Blue Merle/White/Copper

Eye Color: Brown

Height: TBA

Weight: 32 lbs


Pistol, is an ASDR registered Miniature Austrian Shepherd, with a merle coat and hazel eyes. Pistol is gentle, very intelligent and responds well to training. Pistol, loves people and water, one of her favorite things to do, is go on rides in the pickup or four-wheeler. She is very eager and always willing to please. She gets along great the other dogs and enjoys playing with the puppies, regardless of who’s they are. 

Pistol has great manners, when she is needing attention, she comes over and patiently sits and waits to be pet. She is happy to “kennel up” whenever asked. Pistol is great with kids! They are learning the right way to pet a dog and she has ended up with kids sticking their fingers in her mouth and climbing all over her. She has been around cows and horses and gets along great with them, and doesn’t seem at all concerned with the cat.

Pistol has been Health Tested and is CLEAR for ALL Genetic Issues.