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ALL Puppies listed here are Available unless marked PENDING or Removed.

SHIPPING and DELIVERY can be made possible for an additional fee. 


Upcoming Litters

Contact ASHLEY - 806 333 8494 
for these ALT upcoming litters.

ALT Pistol Packin Piper & ALT Ramblin Man Texas Heeler Litter born July 17th 2020. All puppies are spoken for. Please stay tuned for upcoming litters. 



Millcreek's I'm A Honky Tonk Girl "Loretta"

Loretta is a beautiful blue mottled AKC female. She is from Millcreekscattledogs. She is not spayed and has had 1 litter of puppies in the past. She is good with other dogs. A bit timid around children but not aggressive or harmful. She is in great health. We are downsizing and unfortunately need to let some great dogs find new homes. Coming into heat very soon.

$1500 firm full AKC breeding rights, Health tested clear


Introducing Town & Country Texas Heelers!

Katie Will Dunavan is the owner of this new, up and coming kennel providing quality, genetic health tested and reputable Australian Shepherd & Texas Heeler puppies. 

Please contact Katie via phone or email to discuss

TC's upcoming litters.

Katie: 806 268 4474

Puppy Information

My animals, including dogs and puppies, are my first priority and main focus daily. When looking through the various pages of the ALT Texas Heeler website, please know and feel confident that any puppies or dogs raised at our home have been given tremendous individual time and care. We pride ourselves on quality, comfort, health, and over-all happy, socialized well-being.

Puppies are whelped in Dalhart, TX. Puppies are raised indoors under climate control. At around 4 weeks old the pups have the ability to go in and outdoors at their own discretion. Puppies are offered food at around 4-5 weeks old. Every litter is unique and different so times for outdoor living and food introduction may vary slightly.

  • All puppies are wormed at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age.
  • All puppies are vaccinated for Parvo/Distemper/Leptospirosis at 5, 6, 8, 10, and 12 weeks of age.
  • All routine medical and vaccinations are given to puppies until they reach their new homes.
  • All of our puppies come with a 1 year health guarantee, vaccination records and a registration application.
  • All of our dogs and puppies are fed WILD GOLD Camelina oil supplements and we recommend each puppy continue with the supplement upon leaving our kennel. Please click the link for more info!

Some info about Texas Heelers & purebred Heelers (ACD's) 

Reviews and Comments from customers and owners of purebred ACD's and Texas Heelers:   Texas Heeler/ACD PDF Info

The energy level between a purebred Australian Cattle Dog (ACD) or Blue/Red Heeler and a Texas Heeler (Australian Shepherd/Heeler ACD) is comparable. With the Aussie influence, the dogs are very sweet, gentle and protective over all but are very, very loyal, highly trainable, less dominant and very social. Not to say that my purebred Heelers or ACDs are unsocial but the purebred Heeler tends to be a more dominant type dog where the Aussie is a more submissive type that loves social environments.  Customers who own a purebred ACD puppy from ALT Texas Heelers have given feedback that the purebred ACD's are very loyal, love children & people, can be left unattended with children, and are extremely intelligent and highly trainable. The Texas Heelers are the exact same way but with the Australian Shepherd influence, the crossbred dogs are known to be "talkers" and have a bit more submissive manner.  

A semi active lifestyle and companionship is exactly what a Texas Heeler or ACD fits into well. They are very much people dogs, with a strong work ethic, but do not need livestock to herd or a necessary "job" all the time. They want to be where their human owner is as often as possible. Their activity level generally fits the mold of their owner. If you are on the go all the time, they can keep up if not pull ahead, but if you are laid back and maybe have a lazier side, they are content to sleep at your feet or chew on a bone with you in their sight. They are not overly active like border collies where a ball needs to be thrown to keep them alive ;) I like to tell folks my statistics are: 85% of my dogs go to family type homes/environments and the other 15% go to actual working homes where they are used often for livestock, agility, endurance, or hunting. Both the Texas Heelers and the purebred ACD's are capable of living in homes where they are needed to work as well as be part of the family or companion animals. I have folks that cycle quite a bit or mountain bike through rough country and their Texas Heelers and Heelers LOVE it. They love water as well and make excellent lake or river companions. The purebred dogs do just as well but there is a special quality when you have the Aussie influence and that is of the more quiet natured, less dominant and stubborn bullheadedness of the purebred Heeler ACD. That is also not to say that a Texas Heeler would not display more ACD like tendencies of stubbornness or protection but it is to a degree all of it's own. Many of my Texas Heelers have made great protectors of land and people.

Texas Heelers can exhibit a wide array of coat length, softness vs coarseness, wavy vs slick, and the ear carriage will vary with the crossbred Texas Heelers. Ear carriage is usually finalized by 6 months to a year of age. I have no idea of telling how the Texas Heeler puppies' ears will be while they are in our possession. Ears will change over the course of months as will final color, speckling, copper points, and overall texture. 



Our Texas Heeler puppies are 50% Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) and  50% Australian Shepherd. Our Texas Heeler puppies are bred from Purebred sires and dams. 



Prices for Texas Heeler puppies vary for Merle, blues, solids, and tri colored Texas Heeler Puppies.  
Texas Heeler Merle Puppies: $1000
Texas Heeler Blue Tri and Tri Puppies: $800 

All Purebred Heeler (100% Australian Cattle Dog or Blue/Red Heeler) puppies start at:
Blue and Reds:  $900
Mottles: $1000

Purebred ACD puppies by ALT Ramblin Man will be registered ASDR and can be docked and dew claws removed.
ALL AKC registered ACD puppies will have tails and dew claws intact. 

Many of the Texas Heeler puppies are born naturally docked. Some of the remaining puppies will have their tails docked and dew claws removed.  (A tail and dew claws can remain untouched if I have added your information to our "Notification List" with specific instructions about tails and claws. We will dock and remove dew claws accordingly).  

I am completely open to personal preference as I understand some people prefer a docked tail to a full tail and vice versa. Tails and dew claws are removed at or before 5 days of age. If you want a tail docked that is not naturally docked, I will need this information to add to the "Notification List" for reference once puppies have been born.  I generally remove all dew claws unless otherwise noted. Again, if you want dew claws to remain intact, I will need to know during our conversation.

Puppy Deposit Information



** DEPOSITS & PAYMENTS are NON-REFUNDABLE!! Please be sure you are ready to commit to a puppy before sending a deposit to hold position going into expected litter. **

$200 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to secure a position on the Deposit/Notification list for upcoming litters. 

The deposit can transfer to another litter within 1 year of Deposit date. 

I will only take 6 deposits towards a specific litter, then I will add names after those 6 positions to notify upon Available Puppies from that litter.

 Please verify by phone or e-mail that you are sending a deposit.

Puppy Selection will be held for 5 days while deposit is en route.  

If not received within 5 days, said Puppy Selection will be offered again to public. 

Choice can be made by pictures/videos, in person, or ALT Texas Heelers can pick a pup according to your description and availability.

New owners will receive digital photos and videos by e-mail of puppies from birth until placement in their new homes. 

Puppies can be picked up anytime after 6 weeks of age but at or before 8 weeks of age.

If puppies remain here after 8 weeks of age, a $20 per day boarding fee will be assessed.

 The total balance for the pup is due upon pick up.

(Sire & Dam owners have the right to first pick of the litter at any time if they so choose)

Shipping and Delivery 

***Shipping to out of state customers is an option and is an additional $450 on top of puppy cost.***  The $450 does cover the cost of the flight, a kennel, a health certificate and vet examination. 

We ship puppies via American Airlines, or Delta. We have shipped many, many puppies over the years. We get them kennel trained prior to shipping and try to acclimate them as best we can. We will ship pups at 8 weeks of age. By this time the pup will have had 2 sets of parvo/distemper shots and will have had 4 wormings. I do ask that a puppy be taken to the new owner's veterinarian within 5 days of receiving their shipped puppy to ensure the requirements of the Health Guarantee are satisfied and that the puppy is in good health post flight. 

I set up all shipping arrangements and offer you (the owner) a few options for shipping times. The only restraint or concern for me putting a pup on an American Airlines flight will be the temperature at either location (Drop of and Pick Up).  AA will not ship a pup unless the temperature is above 35 degrees in either location. United Airlines will ship puppies at a wider range of temperatures as they have temperature controlled areas for shipping in their planes.  

Some info about the flight:

You will pick up at the United Cargo or AA Cargo facility. The address, contact info, and other information about the facility is on the websites: or

I will either text or email the Airway Bill Number upon receipt at the airport at the time I drop the puppy off at the airport. This Airway Bill number will allow you to track the puppy and watch for delays, etc on or

You will not be able to pick the puppy up until about 30-45 minutes post arrival time. I always suggest that folks bring a bottle of water and scope out an area to take the puppy to potty as soon as they can pick the puppy up and let him/her out of the kennel. The kennel is zip tied shut by UA or AA so I advise to bring a knife or scissors in case they do not cut them off for you. I attach a small baggy of food to the kennel as well as the puppy's paperwork from me. The kennel will have info as to when I last offered the puppy food and I generally tell folks to offer the puppy food and water upon picking up but be sure to find a place to let the puppy out to potty.

Upon arriving home and getting a routine in place, I advise to start with half a cup of food and see how the puppy eats it. I feed Purina Pro Plan Puppy ("Focus" or Large Breed Formula are perfect). 

We take a trip to Dallas/Fort Worth area when puppies are ready to go to new homes for an additional $150 delivery fee. All other deliveries are determined based on mileage and time. 

Other delivery options are available. I am available to discuss delivery options and pricing at any time.