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ALT Scarlet - RETIRED, no more puppies from Scarlet

ALT Scarlet


"Scarlet" has been retired and will no longer be having any more puppies. Scarlet is a "been there, done it" type of dog. Scarlet is very easy going, a smooth transition dog that gets along well with all other dogs. She is a wild talker! This dog will voice her concerns about everything in a friendly manner. She is the very first to greet anyone that comes to the house and is overly affectionate, sweet, and loving. She is a very gentle dog that loves children and people - basically she just wants to be with you all day. Scarlet is also on red-alert most of the time. She is an excellent watch/guard dog and is first to check out someone pulling up or something stirring during the night. 

Since Scarlet is the oldest, she has had the most puppies with Hitch over the last 5 years. She has produced numerous puppies that have traveled the US and continue to make their way from Alaska to Florida and to Maine. As you will see while browsing through Scarlet's page, she has a vast amount of colored puppies, various coat lengths, and ear shapes/sizes, but every one of her puppies excels at something and her puppies continue to be very well sought after. 

Scarlet weighs in at 55 lbs and is most definitely on the standard size end of the scale. She stands 20-21 inches at the shoulder. Her coat length is moderate - not extremely long, roughly an inch and a half in length. Scarlet hardly sheds, although some of her puppies have been moderate shedders. Scarlet has not exhibited any health issues and has come from health tested stock. She also has clear eyes, good hips and elbows as well as impeccable teeth and skin. Scarlet has had no internal or external health issues her entire life. Her oldest puppies with Hitch are reaching 4 - 5 years old and also have not exhibited any health issues related to PRCD or Hip Displaysia OFA. 

Previous Puppies

Abbey - (pictured below) This is a blue tri from a Scarlet x Hitch litter - Not available.

  • Jimmy shed hunting and hiking
    Jimmy shed hunting and hiking
  • Jimmy out sledding with his family
    Jimmy out sledding with his family
Jimmy shed hunting and hiking
Jimmy shed hunting and hiking


Scarlet's Past Puppies Pictured Below




Sam - merle male pup from Scarlet and Hitch


OTIS - merle male

ALT Scarlet  x  ALT Ramblin Man "Hitch" Puppies


Scarlet (left),    Brother (middle),   Hitch (right)















Shadrach - Scarlet's 1 year old female merle Texas Heeler puppy.

OTIS - Scarlet's merle male puppy

Brother - Scarlet's blue tri male at over a year old

Lauren and PAZ Scarlet's merle male puppy from a 2012 litter

Sam - Merle male

Two of Scarlet's Tri Colored pups at 10 weeks old

Tri Colored pup - "Lola"

Blue Tri-Colored Pup